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‘One size fits all’ solutions are not always the right fit

Although there is a myriad of commercially available applications that handle almost every aspect of any business, there are times where specific applications must be built to solve specific problems. We understand that.

Our team has been building software applications, both commercially and on a custom basis for over 25 years; all the way from when internet was an unknown term and client-server was THE thing… up until today, where mobile and web-based applications dominate the software world.

“After working for years with the folks of nuVector, we have achieved such a high level of trust that they have become our IT-provider of choice… In building our core enterprise-wide applications, they have demonstrated exquisite attention to detail with an emphasis on customer service…”

Juan Fritschy, President
Universal Environmental Services

Our objective is to minimize the amount of custom software required to solve your problem, and we build it using time-proven methodologies that allows for easy maintenance and support. When feasible, we use commercially available components to avoid re-inventing the wheel and allow our customer to go to market (or to a production environment) as quickly and effectively as possible.

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We do not code; we provide solutions by developing software…

Coding is just one aspect of software development. There have been many books written about the art and science of developing software; all of them have one thing in common: it takes a concerted effort and a lot of experience to develop software, to develop a solution. nuVector believes that there are 5 underlying principles to develop software:


    Simplicity is the key to user acceptance. Many useful applications are abandoned by users – and needless to say, the loss of the investment – just because the application is too hard to use. Users realize that it may provide the promised functionality, but they will gravitate to alternative solutions to accomplish the same goal, often times in a much decentralized fashion.


    In today’s world, users not only demand, but expect, high performance applications. “Instant gratification” is a must for an application to be deemed useful, let alone efficient. Just like a complex application, a slow performing application will drive users away, forcing them to create new alternative solutions and therefore wasting enterprise resources and capital. Terms such as redundancy, availability and speed are ingrained in our development philosophy.


    There is a huge difference between getting an answer and getting the right answer. Quality is not just working – it is working properly and handling unexpected situations gracefully. This last point is often overlooked. It is the rare, unexpected situations that usually bring an application down – that is why our team is a firm believer of unit, regression and automated testing and make an effort to design the tests up front as part of the overall solution; not after the fact.


    The move from closed environments to open, web-accessible applications has put a new meaning to word security. Understanding these issues is paramount for the successful deployment of enterprise-wide applications that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. We take this very seriously – our development team designs security into the applications – it does not treat it as an afterthought and is constantly on the lookout for potential flaws that may compromise our client’s information.


    New requirements and upgrades are part of the life-cycle of any application. Our team pays special attention to the maintainability aspect of any solutions they build because they know that they will be most likely asked to “upgrade” a solution or to address a new set of requirements. A maintainable solution helps us turn around changes faster, with better quality and in a much more efficient manner – it’s just logical to design maintainability into the solutions in the first place…

Make your enterprise IT solution easier and cheaper to use for more people in your organization through the web browser.

Few modern applications today make no use of the power of the Web. Web application development has been around for many years now and has matured to the point where it can “replace” most old desktop or network applications. In spite of that however, many companies are still running legacy applications for a variety of reasons.

Our custom web-app development capabilities can bring you the power of the web by modernizing your old legacy systems or by creating new applications that your company needs. Our development team has worked on every type of web application, from simple data access and display applications with simple business rules and just a few users to large, heavy duty, enterprise-wide applications with many users.

“When one of our South American clients asked us to quickly develop an RFID-based tracking solution for their bus fleet, we contacted the guys at nuVector. They were able to quickly understand the requirements and build a custom web-based application that exactly met their needs…”

Juan Carlos Viera, President – Elecomm Equipment, Inc.

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mobile applications

Have the right information and tools available wherever you are

Mobile applications can enhance the productivity of your mobile workforce. We can provide mobile applications that can run on any of the major mobile platform environments – iOS and Android.

When working with mobile applications, users are presented with many challenges. For instance, screen size, processor speed and handling large amounts of information are a few of the constraints that mobile applications must deal with in an efficient manner. Understanding how to take these and many other considerations into account is the difference between having an application that will enhance the productivity of your work force and one that will only be used a few times and then never used again.

Our preference is to build single-source applications whenever possible and deploy to different mobile OSs; however we realize that sometimes, depending on the application, this is not feasible. If needed, we can create mobile OS-native applications to serve those needs.

People are visual – why not take advantage of that fact?

Being able to quickly extract relevant information from daily operations is not only a good practice, but in today’s competitive world, it is a necessity. Keeping in line with the mantra that a picture is worth a thousand words, we believe that one of the most useful tools for business executives and managers is what we refer to as Executive Dashboards. The concept is simple: Look at my operations and quickly tell me where there may be issues; don’t bother me with irrelevant information that does not require any action. That’s the power of the executive dashboard.

Our data analysis skills allows us to create dashboards that examine our clients’ operations and graphically display their status, focusing on areas that may be of interest based on pattern recognition of the underlying data. Executive dashboards are great tools for providing the business insights that executives demand.

executive dashboards

mapping applications

Given the choice of looking at a list of 1000 customers showing their purchase volume or a map with the customers plotted and sized base on purchase volume, which one will you take?

Most customer based activity data has a geographic dimension associated with it. From understanding demand patterns to supply availability to relationships between environment and consumption, mapping applications can provide exceptional insight that is normally lost in tabular data and help you analyze that geographic dimension in an effective way, allowing you to utilize and maximize the value of that hidden source of information.

Our team can build mapping applications that help you analyze that geographic dimension in an effective way, allowing you to utilize and maximize the value of that hidden source of information. No matter what your needs may be, there are plenty of high-quality maps available for every possible need and our GIS-knowledgeable consultants can guide you through the sometimes difficult and ambiguous process of selecting the right map data.

Connect your enterprise IT solutions to each other and to your business partners’ to eliminate errors and optimize efficiency.

One of the hardest things to accomplish is the automation of information exchange between an enterprise’s clients and suppliers – especially when the suppliers and customers have an heterogeneous level of IT skill capabilities – from simple and manual to complex and sophisticated.

The principles of data interchange has been a passion of our development team – legacy systems talking to web applications; mobile applications communicating with back-end systems and the list goes on and on. Our teams love this kind of challenge – with abundant experience in the EDI world and pseudo real-time communication interfaces; they have worked in a variety of environments with great creativity and efficiency. Most of our turn-key solutions rely on custom interfaces to talk to our clients’ back-end production systems; therefore we have amassed a great deal of know-how in this area. No matter what your environment is, it is likely that we have worked on a similar situation before – this will help you avoid common pitfalls and realize a solution that will be cost effective and implemented in very little time.

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